What is Once Upon My Kitchen?


ONCE UPON MY KITCHEN gives you an opportunity


An opportunity, to meet people, from your own neighborhood or from a different parts of the world, and taste the flavors of their amazing home kitchen.


An opportunity to showcase your own cooking skills and have some fun with it.


Moreover an opportunity, for you to take a leap of faith, walk a different path and open your mind to something new.


Our single minded aim is to celebrate each and every home kitchen and allow it to establish its own rightful place in the sun. We strongly believe that the stories that these kitchens have to tell are the sweetest and yummiest. Most awesome food is cooked right there and the flavors created in these home kitchens are unparalleled.


It’s a simple concept, you search for a meal that excites you, book it and enjoy. Whether it is in a city you are going to travel soon or in your own neighborhood, we bring you the endless possibilities of relishing authentic distinctive meals that leave you gob smacked. Its a great way to eat somewhere you never thought you would, something you never expected and above all meet someone you otherwise never would have.


As for the hosts, we have created a platform that aids all the passionate home cooks, irrespective of their current profession, to bring together a menu that would wow the world. A menu that has their signature, style and story written all over it.


We see the potential of each home kitchen to be a revenue generating unit and give everyone the opportunity to make an extra buck, meet interesting people or just purely let their passion for food come alive.
Create a meal that boasts of your distinctive style, open your heart and doors to people from all parts of the world and share the story of your kitchen.


In short, whether you are alone or out with a group of friends, whether you are hosting or joining in as a guest, whether you are in your own backyard or exploring a city in another continent, here’s an opportunity for you to be in an unusual place and relish an unusual meal with an interesting person. And if this idea excites you …


Welcome to Once Upon My kitchen and to a new style of social dining.