We are a small two member team. Partners in life, and in business we both are united in our passion for Once Upon My Kitchen.
We truly believe, that the most awesome food comes out of these amazing home kitchens and everyone must get an opportunity to taste it. So we went ahead and decided to dedicate all our efforts to ensure that we provide a new social dining opportunity that connects these home kitchens and their masters to the whole world.


Sheetal Bhonsle Rajasekharan : Director and Co founder


Hi, I look after product and community development for Once Upon My Kitchen. I have dabbled in almost everything ranging from cosmetology, yoga and advertising. You can call me a career gypsy (well, my mom does). With over 15 years of experience in various fields, I have a very experimental outlook towards life. I believe that if you don’t enjoy what you do each day, you better stop and try doing something else. Previously I have worked with J Walter Thompson and then taught yoga in my own studio in Mumbai, post which I worked in the beauty industry for a few years. I love to dive, travel and eat!


Ranjith Rajasekharan: Director and Co founder


Hi, Once Upon My Kitchen has allowed me to bring in my experience across advertising, retail, digital commerce, media and entertainment into one unified customer proposition. I believe that the world needs real and genuine places where people can soak in and imbibe each others cultures, customs and culinary delights. Conversely a digital platform like is best placed to enable this new form of social interaction and social commerce.




It’s incredible, the support and the response we got from numerous people to help us develop Once Upon My Kitchen. We are humbled, honored and totally filled with gratitude towards the enormously talented people who went out of their way to help this little dream project come true.


Rajesh Kulkarni:


Raju comes from the culturally and artistically rich heritage of Pune city. He has worked in many advertising and design firms for over 17 years. Although extremely talented as a designer his true place in the team comes from the fact that he passionately believes this world needs Once Upon My Kitchen. He is positive it builds a community where people come together to learn from each other in a cosy environment over food. The authenticity of food coming from home kitchen is the powerful idea that he hopes to bring alive in people’s mind.


Sajid Wajid Shaikh:


Sajid is a super talented and enthusiastic art director and illustrator. With an infectious smile and whole-hearted passion, he has the ability to rapidly digest an idea and then take it to another level. The site comes alive with his vibrant illustrations. And we adore his mind.