Refunds & Cancellations:


As a host:


As a host you get the right to set up the policies you wish to apply. Your kitchen -Your rules, which means that once you have confirmed to the guest they will need to follow the refund or cancellation policies as set by you.


Unless of course you as a host you yourself cancel the meal or booking, in which case the guest receives full refund. This will however affect your placement in search listings. So try and avoid cancellations post confirming the booking.


As for setting up the policies, please be objective when you set them up. Bear in mind the time you will need to plan and prepare the meal and base your policies accordingly. For your convenience, we have given you simple options to choose from. Just tick on notice time you need and the amount you will be ready to refund accordingly.


Please ensure that you keep your policies guest friendly and at the same time ensure that your time , effort and cost incurred are well taken care of.


Refund policy options:
1. I do not appreciate cancellations – 0% refund
2. I am ready to meet half way – 50 % refund
3 If not today, let us meet some other day – 100% refund
Day prior to the meal: 0% refund, 50% refund, 100% refund
On the meal day: 0% refund, 50% refund, 100% refund


As a guest


Once you have booked and sent a request to the host, you can cancel with full refund ( after deducting the 3 % convenience charge) only before the host confirms. Once the host confirms the policies set by the host are applicable, depending on when you apply for the cancellation, if it’s well in advance or on the day of the meal. Depending on the notice period the host has set your refund will be processed. Hence please view the cancellation policy selected by the host at the time of booking.


If the host cancels the booking, full payment is refunded to the guests.


Please note that a charge of non refundable 3% convenience fee will be levied on all Guest Refunds except when the host cancels.


The website does not allow rescheduling as of now; we will be looking at this option in the near future. So if a guest wishes to reschedule, they need to cancel the current booking and choose the options available for their new dates and time.