How do I make my payments?


Please note that all the amounts are indicated in the local currency of the host, as a standard practice. But it doesn’t make any indication on the nationality of the host. We have placed a currency converter at relevant pages, which you can use to convert any value.


Also please note that the currency converter may not be in real time, hence will be indicative. At the time of payment there may be slight variation depending on the real time currency rate fluctuations.
Once you have selected an option, you can proceed by clicking the “book now” option.


This takes you to final bookings page and the final page gives you the details of your booking. Ensure that you double check the date time, host name and breakup of the value.
Select the “pay now” option and you will be directed to a secure payment page.


Our secure payment page offers you multiple payment options like: credit card, debit card and net banking, of all major Visa, MasterCard and Diners.

(Important note: If you would like to have an option which is currently unavailable please write to us. We at OUMK will continue to work hard to ensure that each member gets all the options of his /her choice. )


Once you receive an alert of successful transaction, your booking request will be forwarded to the host. At this point we just process the amount and block it, but do not deduct any amount. Which means that we block the said amount with your service provider but do not deduct the same till the host confirms the booking.


Once confirmed, the amount will be deducted and a receipt will be sent to you.