How can I be a host?


Once Upon My Kitchen is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a full time professional, a home maker, a student, scientist, or musician. If you can cook something yummy that you feel the world should taste and if you like to meet interesting people from all walks of life – it is perfect for you. You can do it individually or as a family or with your flat mates and friends. It gives you an opportunity to display your hosting skills, meet interesting people and above all make an additional buck for you to enjoy some extra perks.


It’s as simple as A B C. Join in with a free membership, upload a menu with a few pictures and set your calendar. And you are all set.


Once you receive a request, you have the liberty to review the profile of your guest, check his or her credentials and decide freely before you accept. You have the full freedom to accept or decline the person. Once you confirm its time to rock and roll. Dish up your menu and enjoy the company.


The website is designed specifically to ensure that it’s simple and easy for you to maintain your profile. You can choose your available dates, upload as many menus as you wish and even decide on your own pricing.


Remember to boost your profile and make it more interesting by building it over time. Write about yourself, your cooking interests or hobbies and passions. Upload cool pictures of your food, friends, dining area or even your goofy dog.


Plus you can edit your profile and calendar as and when you wish. As a host you get full freedom to review the profiles of all your guests and get all the information you wish to have about them, in advance, before you decide to accept or decline a request.


Once your meal is hosted and the Guests have left, all you need to do is just send us a payment alert and we will forward the payments due to you. It’s a great opportunity for you to make a substantial financial contribution, by using your skills and free time. The extra income you make via OUMK will help you buy special stuff, take a vacation or even just dine out at other OUMK spots and meet other interesting members of this community.


Please refer to payments section for more information on payments.


I wish to host but something holds me back!


Relax. There is no formula or format to be a host. In fact we want you to stay away from any formats. Whatever style you like to receive people in, whether it’s an easy going laid back relaxed atmosphere or a ‘special attention to every detail’ kind, it’s your call.


Be assured that it’s irrelevant whether you cook every day or only occasionally, tend to follow recipes or cook in an experimental style. Whichever way, if you have delicious food to offer, without doubt, there are people from across the globe eager to get a bite.


Just sign up and list your menu. The options are endless. You can put up the menu for a relaxed lunch, a three course dinner or offer tea with some homemade cupcakes.