Host Payouts: How and When?


Once the meal is hosted and you have sent us an alert for your payment, there comes the second best perk of being a host. It’s time to get paid.


When you receive a payment for a booking, we call that payment to you – host payout. Each payout will be made after deducting the fees & commissions as applicable. We only transfer the host payouts via Bank Transfer currently. Our secure payment system supports only one mode of payment as per the banking regulations of the country we are based in currently. But rest assured we are working hard to ensure that soon more options are available for our hosts to choose from.

Note: You can write to us about any other payout method preferred by you. We at OUMK shall constantly endeavor to provide you with your choices and hope to fulfill your wishes.

For the host payout to be transferred smoothly please provide us with following bank information

Name as per Bank account, Bank account number, Bank name, Bank branch address, Bank branch swift code or IFSC code.


At the time of setting your profile you can choose one default option. If you wish you can edit and provide different bank account details to receive your payout.


When do I get paid?


For the convenience and smooth running of all the systems, and to provide our team ample time to process the payments bearing in mind the differences in processing time and for payments to reach you in your diverse destinations, we will set up host payout cycles. The payout cycle would be each fortnight and depending on the time of that particular meal service each payment will fall into a cycle. Which means that every 15 days the payments will be processed.


Which simply means that the host will receive payouts for all meals hosted between 1- 15th of the month anytime between 16th-31st of the month. And payouts of all meals hosted on 16th-31st of the month will be done any day between 1st-15th of next month.