Create a Menu


You have a free hand to plan and design as many menus as you wish. Take your time to choose each element of the menu and when you are happy with it, just publish. Oh and don’t forget to link it to a date /time on your calendar. Otherwise it cannot be booked.


Here are some help texts that would be useful to you while creating a menu:


Title – Please go ahead and give your meal a catchy title.


Date – Date on which you will be serving the meal.


Venue – Your house or wherever you intend to serve the meal.


Meal Type – It is the category of the dish i.e. Select your meal type: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Tea. Other options can be have hors d’oeuvres/snacks and special menu.


Cuisine Type – Please indicate the region that inspired your menu. For instance: Indian, Italian, Fusion, Experimental, Chinese, Thai, Other Asian, European, etc.


Menu Style – Choose between Set menu or Surprise menu? Set Menu means that your meal is pre-planned and fixed in advance; whereas Surprise menu allows you to showcase what inspires you as a cook and allow your guests to get wowed. It is not fixed.


Set Menu – Specify the dish you want to serve and give a short description about it.


Spice Scale – Click on -, + to decrease or increase the spice scale respectively.


Ingredients – Highlight some important ingredients like Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Sea Food, Nuts, etc.


Meal Category – What is the kind of meal you’re preparing? Non-vegetarian, Vegetarian or a mix of both.


About this Menu – Tell us a bit more about your menu. Here you can elaborate on the following: what inspired you to make the dishes? How did you first come across the dishes of this menu? Who taught them to you? What is the uniqueness of flavours or any highlights of its cooking style that you would like to share?


Photo – Please go ahead and share any pictures that are related to this meal.. Like the dishes you plan to serve, or of yourself cooking, your kitchen, dining area, your house or even your naughty pet hanging around waiting, while you cook. For linking multiple photos to a particular menu, you can click on the photos section and link photos.


Seating – Please specify how many people you are willing to host at a time for a particular meal.


Price – Cost of the menu offered by you. The cost should be per person. Host payout (-13%) and guest price (+13%)


Cancellation Terms – Cancellation terms set by you.


Special Event – Incase it’s an exclusive meal you are preparing for a special occasion, like a festive spread, please make a special mention as we would love to know.


Response Time to a Guest – Response time set by you.