Our Inspiration
It started with a small expression “oh, my grandma makes the best empanadas”. Or my uncle bakes the best bread. As time flew, more and more people shared similar stories with us. It became obvious, that even while sitting in an expensive restaurant, eating an expensive meal, there were people ready to trade it all for just one more bite of their mom’s curry, or their cousin’s pie or their best friend’s homemade cake.


As a couple, when we met various people from all over the world, from different walks of life and listened to their fondest meal memories there seemed to be a common story resonating. It became very clear that the food and the flavors that one gets from a home kitchen had a special taste. It has a unique yet comforting and soothing impact. Made with the loving caring hands, its deliciousness hits the right note that it does both , nourishes and satisfies. Sometimes it’s the recipe, which is handed down through generations. Or its the ingredients which are carefully hand picked to secretly enhance the taste. And sometimes its just the pure laid back effortless natural skill of the home cook. Irrespective, these meals are super special and the world is losing out without having an opportunity to taste them.


Parent Company


Once Upon My Kitchen is part of a company called BRAG Consultancy Private Limited. The parent company is involved in various digital ventures as well as a boutique consultancy for design and communications. Once Upon My Kitchen is the e commerce debut of the company, which is based in Mumbai, India. It’s a firm with two directors as of date: Sheetal Bhonsle Rajasekharan and Ranjith Rajasekharan. The other ventures of BRAG are currently under development and will be launched in the near future. For further information visit or email:



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