Commissions, Taxes & Service Charges


Payment Specifics/ Commission:


Once Upon My Kitchen divides the commission equally between the host and the guest. Also a Convenience charge of equal amount is levied from both host and guest. The commission is 10% for host and 10% for guest. The convenience charge is 3% for host and 3 % for guest. Please note that a standard service tax of 12.36 % in levied on these charges.


Commission fee


We have set up a commission fee, that would be standard to all the hosts and guests irrespective of where they are from or what they are offering or how often they participate. Please note that this commission fee structure takes care of the cost of running the website, its overheads, and the team.


Please also note that the commission fee is equally divided between the host and the guest.


What does it mean for the guest?


When you search for a meal the commission fee is already included in the price shown to you.


What it means for the host?


When the host puts in the cost of a meal it will immediately add the additional commission fee charged to the guests and show it as price to the guest.


The indication of the amount that would be reimbursed to the host – host payout, after deducting their own commission fee can also be viewed while creating the menu and at the time of setting the price.


Taxes & Service Charges


Please note that the service tax applicable as per the standard norms may be applicable to each booking payment. These will be indicated to you at the time of the booking according to the booking specifics.


The personal taxes paid by the host are not the responsibility of Brag Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Once Upon My Kitchen or any of its sister concerns. Please take the advice of your local tax advisors and follow the local taxation rules as per the country of your residence and proceed with your personal tax payments.